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Business Operations Lead (Remote)


Job description

Canny's customer feedback platform is actively used by thousands of companies to build better software products.

We are...

  • Fully remote with no office
  • 13 people, spread across 4 countries (US, Canada, Italy, Turkey)
  • Bootstrapped (no outside funding), profitable, and growing

We're hiring a business operations lead to perform many of the day-to-day processes needed to keep Canny running smoothly. This includes processes across the company, relating to administration, finance, HR, legal, recruiting, sales, and security.

Since this role involves many functions across the organization, it's critical that our operations lead is highly intelligent, hard working, and self-organized. As a remote team, it's also important to be able to work asynchronously.

  • Perform day-to-day processes as necessary across the organization:
    • Onboard and offboard employees
    • Maintain compliance with various regulations and security frameworks
    • Negotiate contracts and more with large customers
    • Coordinate recruiting tasks to move candidates through our pipelines
    • Process various ongoing security tasks
  • Create and maintain documentation for operational processes
  • Identify new processes that need to be documented and completed
  • Identify manual processes that can be automated
  • Hire people to replace yourself for certain functions as the company grows

  • Communication: Missive, Slack, Zoom
  • Contracts: Microsoft Word, Dropbox
  • Recruiting: Recruitee
  • Security: Drata, Detectify

  • Highly competitive base salary
  • Significant equity grant

Job requirements

Required Qualifications
  • You have multiple years of operations experience at a SaaS company
  • You are able to understand the nuances of complex concepts such as:
    • GDPR, SOC 2, contract negotiation
  • You have excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • You are self-motivated and have very strong organization skills
  • You have demonstrated the ability to onboard and integrate with an organization long-term:
    • within the last 5 years, you've worked at one company for at least 2 years
  • You are able to thrive in a fully remote organization

Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with GDPR, SOC 2, and contract negotiation
  • Experience running operations at a small SaaS company
  • Experience working with a remote team